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Warm Winter Wishes

Warm Winter Wishes

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Warm Winter Wishes

As the snow begins to fall, And the air turns crisp and cold, We wrap ourselves up tight In scarves and hats and coats of old.

But even as the chill sets in, There's something warm inside, A sense of peace and comfort, A feeling we can't hide.

For though the winter may be harsh, And the nights are long and dark, We find joy in simple pleasures, And the light of a cozy hearth.

We share warm winter wishes, And embrace those we hold dear, We gather 'round the fire, And banish all our fears.

So let the winds blow icy cold, And the snow drift high and deep, We'll keep our hearts aflame, And our love will never sleep.

For in this season of wonder, We find hope and peace and light, And though the winter may be cold, Our spirits burn so bright.

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