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Wagner, Faust

Wagner, Faust

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In the original Faust legend by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust has an assistant named Wagner, who is a scholar and a foil to Faust's more rebellious and ambitious personality. However, Wagner does not appear as a character in Charles Gounod's opera "Faust".

It is worth noting that Richard Wagner was also interested in the Faust legend and wrote a fragment of an opera on the subject, which he called "Faust Overture". However, he never completed the opera and there is no character named Wagner in his fragment either.

It is possible that you may be thinking of the character Mephistopheles, who is the devil and Faust's assistant in his pact with the devil. Mephistopheles is a key character in both Goethe's original work and Gounod's opera, and his role in the story is central to the development of the plot.

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