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Tell 'em I'm surfing

Tell 'em I'm surfing

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Hey, Mom, if any of the guys from my baseball team
Ever call me on the phone
To ask me to play in an important game
Just say their captain ain't at home

Tell 'em I'm surfin' (don't care about hitting home runs)
Tell 'em I'm surfin' (gonna have me some fun, fun, fun, now)
I’m trading in my bat and balls say I’ll see ‘em in the fall
I’m going surfin’

And if that pretty little girl from across the street
Who’s been botherin’ me for days
To go swimmin’ in her pool well her pool’s real cool
But it hasn’t got ten foot waves

Tell her I'm surfin' (but I’d rather be shooting the curl, now)
If she wants some company I’ll be out at Windandsea
I’m going surfin’

Last year I had a summer job and all day long I had to run around
But now I can afford a new surfboard
And all summer long I’m gonna bum around

So just pack me a lunch and I’ll be on my way
Oh, yeah there’s one more thing to do
If the mailman comes with a letter for me
Just forward it to Malibu

Where I’ll be surfin (just drop it in my ’34 Ford)
Tell ‘em I’m surfin’ (I’ll read it while I’m waxin’ my board)
I won’t be home for days, I’ll be ridin’ the waves
I’m going surfin’

I’m goin’ surfin’
I’m goin’ surfin’
I’m goin’ surfin’

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