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Some days there just ain't no fish

Some days there just ain't no fish

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Original Illustration by Rosie Brooks

"Some Days There Just Ain't No Fish" is a song written by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer. It was first recorded by Carmichael in 1952 and has since been covered by various artists.

The song is about a fisherman who is struggling to catch anything, despite his best efforts. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration and disappointment, with the fisherman bemoaning his lack of luck and wondering when things will turn around.

The chorus goes:

"Some days there just ain't no fish, No matter how you try. You bait your hook, you cast your line, But you come home high and dry."

The song has a simple, folksy melody that complements the down-to-earth lyrics. It has become a classic of American popular music and a favorite of many jazz and folk musicians.

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