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"Rinaldo" is an opera in three acts by George Frideric Handel. It was first performed in London in 1711 and is one of Handel's most popular operas.

The opera tells the story of the Christian knight Rinaldo, who is fighting against the Saracens during the First Crusade. Rinaldo falls in love with Almirena, the daughter of the King of Jerusalem, but she is kidnapped by the sorceress Armida and taken to her enchanted island. Rinaldo sets out to rescue her with the help of the sorceress's former lover Argante, who has defected to the Christian side.

"Rinaldo" is notable for its beautiful arias and duets, including the famous "Lascia ch'io pianga," which is often performed as a stand-alone piece. The opera was a huge success when it was first performed and helped establish Handel's reputation in London.

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