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Queen of the Fairies, Iolanthe

Queen of the Fairies, Iolanthe

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"Iolanthe" is a comic opera written by Gilbert and Sullivan, first performed in London in 1882. The title character, Iolanthe, is the Queen of the Fairies. She is banished from fairyland for the crime of marrying a mortal, an offense punishable by death. However, she is pardoned and allowed to return to fairyland when the Fairy Queen intercedes on her behalf.

In the opera, Iolanthe's son, Strephon, is in love with a shepherdess named Phyllis. However, Phyllis is sought after by the entire House of Lords, who also happen to be Strephon's peers. The political satire of the opera revolves around the conflict between the two groups and the absurdity of the British political system.

Iolanthe herself is a gentle, kind-hearted character who is devoted to her son and her fellow fairies. Her reunion with her son after 25 years of separation is one of the emotional high points of the opera.

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