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A piñata is a traditional party game and decoration often associated with celebrations in Latin American cultures. It is a colorful, hollow figure usually made of papier-mâché or other materials, shaped like an animal, object, or character. The piñata is filled with candies, small toys, or other treats, and it is suspended from above.

During the game, blindfolded participants take turns trying to break the piñata using a stick or a bat, while others around them sing or shout in encouragement. The objective is to strike the piñata hard enough to break it open, releasing the treats inside. Once the piñata breaks, everyone rushes in to collect the goodies that spill out.

Piñatas are commonly seen at birthday parties, fiestas, and other festive events. They add an element of surprise, excitement, and fun to the celebrations. The origins of the piñata can be traced back to ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs and Mayans, who used similar hollow figures in their ceremonies.

While the classic piñata is made of papier-mâché, nowadays, you can find piñatas made of cardboard, plastic, or other materials, often shaped like popular characters from movies, cartoons, or sports. They have become a popular party decoration and activity in many parts of the world, beyond their original cultural context.

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