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Paper Girls Anniversary

Paper Girls Anniversary

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Pen and Ink and Watercolour original illustration by Rosie Brooks 

The paper anniversary is traditionally the first anniversary of a wedding. It is called the paper anniversary because paper is a traditional gift that is exchanged to celebrate this occasion. Paper is seen as a symbol of the first year of marriage because it is fragile, yet with the right care and attention, it can also be strong and long-lasting.

The paper anniversary is an opportunity for a couple to reflect on their first year of marriage and to celebrate the milestones they have achieved together. Some popular paper gift ideas for this occasion include love letters, photo albums, framed artwork or prints, tickets to a concert or show, books, or a personalized journal or diary.

While paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary, modern interpretations also suggest other gift ideas, such as clocks, which symbolize the timeless nature of love, or gold jewelry, which represents the durability and strength of a marriage.

Celebrating the paper anniversary can be a meaningful way to honor the first year of marriage and to set the tone for many happy years to come.

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