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Nose costume #1 illustration by Rosie Brooks

Nose costume #1 illustration by Rosie Brooks

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Original Illustration in Pen and ink and Watercolour by Rosie Brooks 

The nose is a facial feature that is part of the respiratory system and also plays a role in the sense of smell. It is located in the center of the face, above the mouth and below the forehead, and is made up of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue.

The nose has two nostrils that lead to the nasal cavity, which is lined with a mucous membrane and contains tiny hair-like structures called cilia. The cilia help to filter out particles and impurities from the air that is breathed in, and the mucous membrane helps to moisten and warm the air before it reaches the lungs.

The nose also contains olfactory receptors, which are responsible for the sense of smell. These receptors are located in the mucous membrane of the upper part of the nasal cavity and are able to detect different types of smells and odors.

In addition to its functional roles in breathing and smelling, the nose is also an important facial feature that contributes to a person's appearance and can be shaped or altered through cosmetic surgery.

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