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"Der Freischütz" is an opera in three acts by Carl Maria von Weber. It premiered on June 18, 1821, at the Schauspielhaus Berlin, and became a great success in Germany and beyond.

The character "Hermit" ("Eremit" in German) appears in Act III of the opera. He is a mysterious and wise old man who lives in the forest and has some supernatural powers. He advises the main character Max, a young hunter, on how to overcome a curse that has been placed on him. The Hermit also plays a crucial role in the final scene, where he reveals the truth about the magic bullets that Max has used to win a shooting contest, and helps to resolve the plot's conflicts.

The role of the Hermit is often portrayed as a bass or bass-baritone, and requires a strong and expressive voice. The character has become an iconic figure in German Romanticism, representing the archetype of the wise old man who guides the hero on his journey of self-discovery.

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