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"Kaspar" is a character in the opera "Der Freischütz" by Carl Maria von Weber. He is a baritone role and appears in all three acts of the opera.

Kaspar is a fellow hunter and a friend of Max, the main male character. He is a somewhat sinister and cunning figure who introduces Max to the magic bullets that will supposedly ensure his victory in a shooting contest. Kaspar is later revealed to be in league with the devil, and has made a deal to deliver Max's soul in exchange for his own salvation.

Kaspar's most famous aria is "Schweig! damit dich Niemand warnt" ("Be silent! Lest anyone warn you") in Act II, where he reveals his plan to Max and warns him not to tell anyone about the magic bullets. The aria is known for its dramatic intensity and menacing tone.

Overall, Kaspar's character adds a sense of danger and suspense to the opera, and provides a contrast to the more innocent and naive character of Max.

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