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Wood carver original pen and ink and watercolour illustration by Rosie Brooks

Wood carver original pen and ink and watercolour illustration by Rosie Brooks

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Wood carving is a popular hobby that involves using specialised tools to carve, shape, and sculpt wood into various decorative or functional objects. Wood carving can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby that allows you to create unique pieces of art or functional items.

To get started with wood carving, you will need some basic tools, including carving knives, chisels, gouges, and a mallet. You will also need a piece of wood to work with, which can be purchased at a craft store or online. Softwoods like basswood or pine are good for beginners as they are easier to carve than harder woods.

There are many different styles and techniques of wood carving, including relief carving, chip carving, and carving in the round. Relief carving involves carving away the background of a design to create a raised image, while chip carving involves making small, repetitive cuts to create patterns and designs. Carving in the round involves creating a three-dimensional object, such as a sculpture or figurine.

It is important to take safety precautions when wood carving, including wearing protective gloves, goggles, and a dust mask. It is also important to properly sharpen and maintain your tools to ensure they are safe and effective.

There are many resources available for learning wood carving, including books, online tutorials, and classes or workshops. Wood carving can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby for people of all skill levels, and can lead to the creation of beautiful and unique pieces of art.

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