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A ventriloquist is a performer who can create the illusion of making their voice appear to come from somewhere else, typically from a puppet or dummy. Ventriloquism involves the skilled use of the performer's vocal cords, mouth, and breathing techniques to create the illusion of the voice coming from the puppet.

The art of ventriloquism has been around for centuries, with evidence of ventriloquist-like performances dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Ventriloquism gained popularity as a form of entertainment in the 19th century and became a staple of vaudeville and variety shows.

In modern times, ventriloquism is still a popular form of entertainment, with many performers achieving great success on television and in live shows. The most famous ventriloquists include Edgar Bergen, who performed with his puppet Charlie McCarthy, and Jeff Dunham, who has created a cast of characters that he performs with in his shows.

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