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Sparklers are small handheld fireworks that produce a shower of sparks when lit. They are often used at celebrations and events, such as weddings, birthdays, and Fourth of July (Independence Day) celebrations. Sparklers are typically made from a thin metal rod that is coated with a pyrotechnic mixture, which creates a bright, sparkling display when ignited.

To use a sparkler, you light the tip of the metal rod with a flame and hold it away from your body. The sparks shoot out from the tip of the sparkler and create a sparkling display that lasts for several seconds. Sparklers can be a fun and festive addition to any celebration, but it is important to use them safely. It is recommended to keep sparklers away from your face, hair, and clothing, and to never touch the lit end of the sparkler. Additionally, it is important to dispose of used sparklers properly, as they can remain hot for several minutes after they have been extinguished.

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