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A football referee in the UK is responsible for ensuring that a football match is conducted in a fair and safe manner. The referee's primary role is to enforce the Laws of the Game and to make decisions on fouls, misconduct, and other incidents that occur during the match.

Before the match, the referee checks the field, the players' equipment, and ensures that both teams are ready to play. During the match, the referee keeps track of time, signals the start and end of each half, and enforces the laws of the game.

If a player commits a foul, the referee will stop the play, show the appropriate card (yellow for a caution, red for a sending off), and make a decision on what type of restart to award to the opposing team. The referee also has the power to stop the match if there is a safety issue or if the behaviour of the players or spectators is deemed unacceptable.

In addition to their on-field responsibilities, referees are also responsible for completing match reports and submitting them to the appropriate governing body. Referees in the UK must be licensed and are required to attend regular training sessions to maintain their skills and knowledge of the game.

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