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Javelin is a track and field event that involves throwing a spear-like object, called a javelin, as far as possible. The javelin is a slender, flexible implement made of metal or fiberglass, with a pointed tip at one end and a grip or cord at the other.

In the javelin event, athletes take a run-up before throwing the javelin, and the distance is measured from where the javelin lands to the point of origin. The objective is to throw the javelin as far as possible within a designated area.

Javelin throwing requires a combination of strength, speed, coordination, and technique. Athletes must develop good running technique, explosive leg strength, and an efficient throwing motion to achieve maximum distance. The technique involves a series of phases, including the approach, the plant, the delivery, and the follow-through.

The javelin event has been part of the modern Olympic Games since 1908 and is also a popular event in other major international track and field competitions. Javelin throwing is also practiced as a recreational activity and is a popular sport in some countries.

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