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Business Angel original illustration in pen and ink and watercolour by Rosie Brooks

Business Angel original illustration in pen and ink and watercolour by Rosie Brooks

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A business angel, also known as an angel investor, is an individual who invests in early-stage or startup companies in exchange for equity ownership. Business angels typically invest their own money and provide not only capital but also their experience, industry knowledge, and network to help the company succeed.

Business angels are often high-net-worth individuals who have a keen interest in supporting new and innovative businesses. They are willing to take on high-risk investments, and are often more flexible than traditional venture capitalists or institutional investors in terms of investment size, deal structure, and exit strategy.

In addition to providing financial support, business angels can also provide valuable mentoring and guidance to the entrepreneurs, helping them to refine their business strategy, develop their product or service, and build their team. Business angels may also introduce the entrepreneurs to other investors, potential customers, and strategic partners.

While there are risks associated with investing in early-stage companies, business angels can potentially earn high returns on their investments if the company is successful. However, it is important to note that investing in startups can be risky, and investors should carefully consider the potential risks and rewards before making an investment.

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