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Ferrando and Guglielmo in the cafe, Cosi fan Tutte

Ferrando and Guglielmo in the cafe, Cosi fan Tutte

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In the Mozart opera "Cosi fan tutte", Don Alfonso is a cynical and worldly philosopher who sets out to prove to two young men, Ferrando and Guglielmo, that their fiancées are not as faithful as they claim to be. The scene in the café takes place after Don Alfonso has bet Ferrando and Guglielmo that he can prove their fiancées, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, will be unfaithful to them within 24 hours.

In the café, Ferrando and Guglielmo are bemoaning the fickleness of women when Don Alfonso enters and overhears their conversation. He tells them that they are foolish to think that their fiancées are any different from other women, and that they will be unfaithful if given the opportunity. Ferrando and Guglielmo are skeptical, but Don Alfonso proposes a wager to prove his point: he will arrange for the two men to disguise themselves as Albanian soldiers and woo each other's fiancées. The men agree to the bet, and the scene ends with Don Alfonso and the two men planning their scheme.

The café scene in "Cosi fan tutte" is significant because it sets the stage for the central plot of the opera. Don Alfonso's wager is the driving force behind the action, and the scene establishes the characters' motivations and personalities. Additionally, the scene features some of Mozart's most delightful ensemble writing, as Don Alfonso, Ferrando, and Guglielmo trade witty repartee and engage in vocal fireworks.

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